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Do I look like an engineer?! Go f*ck yourself!
(Engineers will be invited to participate to a skit)

The physics of moving wetting lines.
Multibody System Dynamics.
Strong Solutions for the Interaction of a Rigid Body and a Viscoelastic Fluid.
Gravity-driven bubbly flows.
(This choice will have little to no influence to your experience: we're a fake school after all!)
What do you want? Many Beers Lots of beer Plenty of beers
> 10km < 10km Wanker Can barely make it to the pub
Omnivore Vegetarian (Meat) pies are the best!

Regular: two nights at hotel, Fri + Sat + Sun for 140€
Slacker: one night at hotel, Sat + Sun for 115€
Hippie regular: No hotel, Fri + Sat + Sun for 60€
Hippie slacker: No hotel, Fri + Sun for 50€
"Lecture" + run + diner/party for 50€
"Lecture" + run for 10€
Just the run for 5€
What kind of hasher are you?
By being a dickhead.
By being a mouthy loud-mouth.
By snoring loud enough.
By getting so pissed others have to look after me.
By loudly and/or ostensibly humping other hashers/hariettes.
By being too nice and quiet.

I thereby acknowledge to be a moron and accept that I am responsible for all disasters caused by my own stupidy and/or drunkenness.

Your privacy is important to us: your favorite color and drinking preferences will not be shared to third parties.

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