Learning at PUKE™

Our ambition to deliver a comprehensive and inspiring educational experience that values ‘Learning for Life’, is underpinned by a commitment to justice, equity, responsible care, and respect for people’s rights. At PUKE™ there’s no such thing as learning in isolation. Our approach enables students to make crucial real-world and cross-disciplinary connections as they grow in their knowledge and understanding.

We have very happy students! Look at those happy students: they're playing it serious right now because of the camera, but they'll certainly get shitfaced tonight and bang together!

We guide our students not only to achieve academically, but also to master the skills required to keep learning, growing, participating and progressing throughout their life. Our students understand the world they’re poised to engage with in so many new and important ways, which makes them better prepared, more able to find and follow a fulfilling path, and more driven to contribute to society in skilled and valuable ways.

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Our philosophy of mutual respect and consentment is embodied in our not-even-in-latin motto,

Tant las fotei com auziretz: Cen e quatre vint et ueit vetz, Q'a pauc no-i rompei mos corretz E mos arnes —William IX of Aquitaine, IXth century

For the ignorant, a translation of those ancient words is thereby provided: "I fucked them as much as you will hear: a hundred and eighty-eight times. I most nearly broke my equipment -- and my tool."