Dick Lake City

Somewhere, lost between the hills of the Belgian country-side, emerges a penis shaped lake. All around, a medium-size city spreads its orange brick buildings.

Born in the sixties from the Eternal struggle of the Walloon Cock against the Flemish feline, Dick Lake City (sometimes also known as Louvain-la-Neuve) has risen from the cowdung of the fields.

City Will you get lost on trail?

From the beginning, the place was designed to host a new university. Hence the needs of the students have been taken into account very early in the design phase. This includes a mazelike organization of the city that students can blame for arriving late in class, pedestrian-only streets that guarrantee that you will never be driven over by a car no matter how drunk you are, and a hill formation which conveniently brings you down to the pub area if you just follow the slope.

At this point, I would like to underline the invaluable contribution of Eurocrap to this city's so peculiar architecture: if you too, you can't get the logic of the train station, make sure to give him a down down on Saturday.

Lake View on the infamous lake

Decades of occupation of the place by students have indefinitely shaped the city's organization and culture. In particular, the city provides in great amounts the student's second-favorite food after frites: beer! Hence, its annual "24h vélo" is considered the second largest "beer event" in Europe after the Oktoberfest (100% truth!). Also, walking around one corner, you might breathe the sweet fragrance of the students's spew and piss from the night before. Needless to say, the local population has since long been acustomed to the foolishness of the students and is hence ready, forty years after the city's foundation, to welcome hashers.

Forest Many forests lay around the city!

Eventually, the hash-compatibility of the terrain has been thouroughly assessed in the past years by repetitive hashes:

Needless to say those ground have felt our soles, shouts and spillages!

Bmph3ers BMPH3 4 the W1n!

From left to right and top to bottom:
Eurocrap and friends on the cover of their new Christian rock album, …and Throbbin running after a stick Pink just threw away, Nut Bitch proudly showing you all how happy he is while a civilian hungrily stares at his booty, Lady Blah Blah grabin'em by the tits. (All those pictures were taken in Dick Lake City!)